6:00 AM- 11:00 AM 

(Additional hours will be added based on interest)

  • $40.00 monthly

  • No contracts

  • No sign-up fee

*Reminder: this is a small local fitness facility. Meaning limited to number of "memberships" allowed to sign up.
This allows all to utilize state of the art equipment, no waits or crowded spaces. Because we are so small, we do not offer any type of showers or locker rooms. It's simple process, walk in, check in, work out on your time frame, with the equipment you choose and walk out.  There will always be a staff member on premises.
Of course, we have personal trainers and coaches on staff, if at any time you are interested in more, reach out for info.
We do not offer nighttime hours that is secured for all our Youth, team and group training.
(We will add more afternoon hours if there is interest.)