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Hockey Training

Pricing on Hockey Treadmill, Training, and Schedule

  • SPEED ZONE PASS (Buy 7 receive 8th free) $235.00

  • 1 session - $35.00

Ultimate power skating tool, which improves strength and conditioning. Active coach during every session ensuring proper skating biomechanics. This will help improve your skating mechanics with immediate verbal and visual feedback.

  • $35.00 per session
  • Private Treadmill Group (make your own group)
  • Treadmill & Skills for teams or any hockey specific training needs
  • Performance Training
  • Please email with any scheduling questions
  • WE WILL TRY TO ACCOMODATE any scheduling requests FOR YOU!

Good skaters get good opportunities!
The majority of all Youth Organizations from Rec to AAA don't spend enough time teaching skating. Coaches' plans include little or no time working on the most important part of the game! SKATING ...... If it's the most important part, why isn't it focused on? Primarily because of the lack of knowledge and ability to teach skating progressions.
The vast majority of Scouts and high-level coaches / trainers agree that the following are the things they look at in a hockey player in this order

1. Skating
2. Compete Level / Consistency of Effort
3. Hockey IQ
4. Character / Body Language
5. Skill / Shooting

It's these opportunities that increase the odds of success. What players do with those opportunities - their work ethic, character, coachability, hockey IQ, skill development etc. - ultimately will determine how far they go!


IHA Skating Academy @ the Impact Speed Zone

The 8 Week Program- 

1- 90-minute session per week for 8 weeks!
  • A dynamic / static warm up where we will focus on the three main muscle areas that will develop the athletes stride efficiency.
  • Skating Treadmill where we will focus on the Foundational and Explosive Speed Stages of the IHA Skating curriculum.
  • Sprint routine on the Woodway Sprint Trainers along with a stabilizer workout.
  • Cool down and a breakout session to end each session
  • FREE Skate sharpening after each session

• How do I sign up? Follow the link to our scheduling system, register and schedule
• What if I miss a session? We will work to make the session up at another training session throughout the week
• Is this right for my skater? Does your athlete want to be a faster more efficient skater? Do they want to play the game with more confidence? Do they want to have a guaranteed leg up on their competition?
• What is the age requirement? Skaters must be at least 8 years old with the maturity to understand curriculum and work hard.

Session Times

Sessions will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings.  Each athlete upon registration will pick a day and time that they will attend for the 8-week program.   

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

500-630pm -   LIMIT 5 Athletes
645-815pm -   LIMIT 5 Athletes

Monday Wednesday Sunday, 6/6-8/7
Monday Wednesday Sunday 8/8-10/2

COST for the 8-week program 

$400 ($50 per session)


Real time visual feedback
allows them to see for themselves the corrections that need to be made. When physical movements can be visually understood, the rate of comprehension is greatly accelerated. Players also exhibit increased MEMORY and RETENTION of what they have learned.

Skating surface friction.
The friction on the skating treadmill is higher than real ice which means that the player has to push harder than on the ice. Because of this, the skating treadmill workouts help build leg strength, increase the cardiovascular fitness of the player, and require the player to develop an understanding of how power is achieved.

Active coaching
Each player receives constant one-on-one instruction specific to their individual needs, current skill set, and age. Players receive intensive coaching on proper skating stride biomechanics, including proper anatomical alignment and power generation concepts.

Why we are different?
Progressive Curriculum.
IHA utilizes a scientifically proven CURRICULUM for each and every skater. Skaters are evaluated on their first visit and placed at the appropriate level within the curriculum. The curriculum is progressive in nature and challenging to the athlete with each new workout. All skaters start with lower speeds which allow the foundational concepts of speed and power to develop. As each athlete advances, they will encounter higher speeds and elevations which produce the explosive speed required at higher levels of play. The curriculum can accommodate players from Squirt ages through NHL caliber players.